human interaction transformed into sound
Sentire is an Italian word that means both to hear and to feel through touch
Sentire is an Italian word that means both to hear and to feel through touch. The project is about these two senses, their amplification and morphing. Sentire started in 2016 as a participatory performance series where proximity and touch events between two persons are transformed into sound by means of interactive sound system. Performance participants are guided by Olga Kozmanidze according to different interactive scenarios, including one with eyes closed. Movements and tactile sensations are amplified by the sound and morph with hearing. This allows to deepen sensory experience and causes a synesthetic shift in perception.
Sentire: human interaction transformed into sound
Camera: Johan Planefeldt. Editing: Olga Kozmanidze
Sentire is also an ongoing cross-disciplinary research, investigating to which extend Sentire sound system can influence and enhance perception of one's body and movement in the context of social interaction. In addition Sentire collective curates different cultural events bringing together both first-hand experience and critical reflection including workshops, monthly "Unfold" community meetings in "Spektrum Berlin", annual "Enhanced sensing conference" on human-computer interaction.
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Ph: Kenia Teleova, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Karsten Buch
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