Walk of plates
performance based sound tracks
All sounds used were recorded during the site-specific performance "Walk of plates" at the abandoned ceramic factory in the North Spain. In the course of the performance I worked with visible and tangible sides of the material - plates - in order to rediscover it. Thus the sound came secondary, side effect of this interaction. Later on while working with recorded audio documentation I traced something that was dismissed in visual domain, but was preserved in sound.
They are familiar (as plates are) and thus evasive sonic events, as in daily life they hide behind visual and something that captures our attention more. But the reality is incomplete without them. There was wide spectrum of such sounds recorded, but I picked up those which give new keys to observation and rediscovery of the material while looking at the photo documentation and touching the installation of plates displayed at Just Mad Art Fair in Madrid.
I propose listening to the audio combined with the pictures attached to every track in soundcloud. All tracks are binaural which means you will hear it as if you were me walking on plates. Its better to use your headphones to make this trick work.
link to photo documentation and project description.
Walk of Plates was created during 4-week
Just Mad Art Residency in Spain, February 2017.
and later on became part of group exhibition
at Just Mad Air Fair in Madrid.

Feminae Sonantes
multichannel sound installation

«Feminae sonantes» — is the series of sound-art works for researching different aspects of feminity. «Feminae sonantes. Bodiness» — is the second part of these series. There are four female artist tell about
their experience of bodiness. It includes issues about gender reflection, maturation and wilting, self-identity with the own body or separation from it, sensitive experience and influence of social expectation on it,
body as a provider of new life, body as an artist tool and
the means of expression.

«Feminae sonantes. Bodiness» artwork represents
as quadraphonic sound installation. Four dynamics
put in square shape and direct to the centre - the place
for audience to listen to. Sound is controlled in the way to make the listener feel the presence of storyteller.
Four woman occupy their own place in the space and,
go to the centre, move around, apply to each other and
to the listener.

Several hours of talks with female artist are transformed in decades of stories. They tell us about the body
as executor of the inner conflict, moving in unlimited space and time, about the importance of pauses and
why the mouth shouldn't be closed. Fragments of stories are mixed up with each other. When they end up being side by side they create new meanings and complex compositionally spatially structures.
Artwork consist of four parts. Each one starts
with question to body:
- Where is the beginning and the end of your body?
- What does the body like most of all?
- What can't the body stand for?
- What is your body reaction on social expectation?
Art-dictionary exhibition «A-art, F-feminism»
Moscow, NII DAR, ISS MAG gallery.
October-November, 2015.

Feminae Sonantes. Zvizzhi
Feminae Sonantes is a cycle of sound-art works exploring different aspects of femininity. Feminae Sonantes. Zvizzhi is the first part of the project comprising testimonials of women living in the village of Zvizzhi (Oblast of Kaluga) on happiness, rural life, family, and favourite occupation.
Twenty hours of interviews and conversational materials were recorded with six women covering a broad array of topics, telling dozens of stories and phrases, but also experiencing all sorts of emotions.
The recorded material was edited and cut-up in order to converge multiple short testimonials and phrases into a live recording with new meanings.
Feminae Sonantes. Zvizzhi was created as site-specific project in the frame of Archstoyanie festival which took place in Zvizzhi village in 2015.

International Festival of Landscape Architecture and Modern Art Archstoyanie
Location: Village of Zvizzhi, Oblast of Kaluga, Russia, August 2015
Duration: 15 minutes

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